"She may have looked normal on the outside, but once you’d seen her handwriting you knew she was deliciously complicated inside."

Jeffrey Eugenides


Angry otter.

Well, wouldn't you be upset if you were weighed in a box of hay?


Costco? More like Costno.

Boyfriend, upon noticing me attempt to weasel my way out of a Costco trip: "wah wah wah, i'm bernadette and i want to go to Whole Foods, and make my hipster boyfriend carry my rare fruits and herbs."


New art!

Really loving art by Argentine Hernan Paganini ... discovered on For Me, For You.


Good advice.

Remember when you go into the world to keep your eyes and ears wide open. and be kind. love one another. take care of each other. tell the truth. always do your best. listen to the big people and the little people. explore new paths & have fun. know that you are loved like crazy. give thanks for all your blessings. above all else, love and you will do wonderful things in this world.

Image: _acido


Why it's good to have an Ally in your life

Ally: i really dont think we should be using phrases like "i'm just scared " at our age


And that's why we're together.

me: i dont think i should have wrapped that pickle in that sandwich

boyfriend: that's what she said


Breakfast of Champions

This morning, as I hurriedly reached for a 2-week old half bagel in the fridge, my hand brushed up against a Del Taco Chicken Soft Taco that had been hiding there since Monday night. I generally like to save one taco for breakfast the next morning, but alas, I had forgotten about this little guy! I excitedly tore into it, but then poked my head around the kitchen wall to see that one of my roommates had fallen asleep on the couch. Not wanting to be shamed by evidence of eating a 4-day old cold taco, I walked outside and stood by our front door to eat my taco. All the while, slowly poking my head out of our front door nook to make sure no one would pass by at 8:51 am to see me.

I then walked to the back parking lot where I continued to eat this taco by my car. I then realized I had forgotten something inside my house. At this point, I was halfway through with my taco. I was not feeling so great about it. I placed it on the ground for Isaac, the neighbor cat. He sniffed and looked up at me, as if to say, "Why would I want to eat something like this?!" and walked away.

I went inside, took one bite of the half bagel, threw it away as its coldness and hardness did not resonate well with the half taco in my tummy. I sighed, walked outside, and went to Starbucks.


The coffee that changed my life.

For two years, I've been trying to get someone to trek over to La Mill Coffee in Silverlake with me to try the "Coffee and a Jelly Donut" - Strawberry essence layered with donut-infused milk and topped with espresso. For some reason, I didn't have any luck convincing my friends. Until this weekend.

Darling Janelle and Tremendous Tyler accompanied me on this journey of a lifetime. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of La Mill that for a minute I was confused enough to consider ordering an iced coffee (it was a warm day). But luckily, those two convinced me to accomplish my dream. And a dream it was.

It arrived served on a tall lucite cylinder, a shotglass! I had my mind set on a big cozy mug full of espresso and donut. My American serving-size idealism was wrong. A tiny shotglass it was, with incredible layers of jelly, milk, espresso and crema. I wondered at the beauty of it before I took my first sip. What a mouthful! Extraordinary espresso and strawberry jelly! And definitely not too rich. I mean, I would not have wanted a giant mug of it, the serving size was perfect. It was the most perfect balance of strong espresso and sweet strawberry.

I am complete. Thank you, La Mill, thank you Janelle and Tyler, thank you.