The Similarities Between Education and Faith: From GOOD Magazine

Michael Roth, the president of Weslyan University, penned a poignant essay on The Huffington Post last Friday in response to a Washington Post Op-Ed on liberal condescension, written by University of Virginia political science professor and American Enterprise Institute scholar Gerard Alexander.

In the essay, he argues that education and faith should lead to a similar end: a realization of how little we understand and thus an openness to other points of view/belief systems. Condescension, as he sees it, is an unfortunate byproduct of both extensive learning and a full grounding in a particular faith.


Super Sunday

It started with at 7am with our Garage Sale. We made $98!! It was like getting paid to play Words with Friends on our iPhones (Lana, Ally and Me) for 4 hours.

This gem of a gal (?) tried on our bikinis, thought about it for about 25 minutes, then peeled them off and threw them back in a box. Gah.

Then it was off to Orange County for a little Superbowl action with Ally's family. Crazy, crazy party with 40 adults and $4,000 placed in bets.

But where do you think we hung out? The kids' room, obviously.

Look at that face!
And the before/after of my "brilliant" plan for Hide and Go Seek.

All in all, a great day.


Hey Studmuffin

Thanks for hanging out with me all day, Mr. Ira Glass.



This morning, Ally and I realized we could determine how long we've been enslaved by corporate culture by seeing the holes from our abandoned nose rings slowly fading away into oblivion ...


Mis-adventures in Professionalism: Round 2

Telling my boss my email is bernadettematthews420@gmail.com