Machismo bullshit.

The tragedy of machismo is that a man is never quite man enough. -Germaine Greer

So, the other day, I had to drop something off in a mailbox across from my office. As I walked there, I saw a Mexican guy on a bike STRAIGHT-UP cut the lock off a bike and hop on it. Then, he stole the back wheel off another bike that he couldn't cut the lock to ... just for fun. He rode in front of me and threw the wheel in a big dumpster, and then he rode across the street to his buddies and they all had a good laugh.

I was SO MAD. I honestly LOVE Mexcio with my whole heart. I think it's the most beautiful country, with amazing people and art and culture. I wanted to tell the guy, "You're the reason so many Americans hate your people. STOP being the sterotype!" I honestly had to hold myself back from saying that to him.

Ugh, it's just so frustrating to see cycles of hatred continued because of really stupid people who screw things up for the rest.


Prince of Whales

Cheers to... Rocky the bartender knowing my name. It's only taken a year of being a diligent customer.

It's always greener ...

I am on a mission to green my lawn. It's been neglected for some time before we moved in. Seriously, I'm really tied into this. I will stare at the sprinkler, plotting in my mind where to move it, which increments of time to leave the sprinkler in one spot, etc. etc. I have SHS. Severe housewife syndrome.

Current state:

A (faux) going-away party

So Paisley thought she was moving to Hong Kong for modeling...but Ford is waiting to send her until January. But nevertheless, it was a good reunion for the roommates...and Mao's has never been better :)

Some good stuff from the past few weeks.

So my car got towed and I had to pay $300 to get it back. BUT on my walk to the towing company, I saw this lovely sign.

Father's Office: Lucky #100. Best Burgers in town, y'all.

PEACE JAM!! Amazing, amazing event at LMU a couple weekends back. I got to help out for one of the days of the conference, and was completely in awe of the amazing high school students, and of course, the amazing Nobel Laureates.

Peace Jam after-party with the Center for Service and Action Staff at Pam's house. Everyone needed to wind down after the months and months of planning that went into that weekend.

And...Tiki Ti. An awesome little bar in Silver Lake that ONLY serves tropical drinks...not a beer to be found here, ladies and gentlemen.


A Year in Photos

Starting yesterday, September 21, 2008, I am embarking on a year in which I challenge myself to take at least 1 picture per day. For the days when I take a digital picture, I will be posting them here: http://bernmatthews.tumblr.com
Otherwise, I will be taking film photos and combining all into a book.

Yay for goals! Let's hope I don't crap out on this.


Alphabet Video.

Get through the opening credits, they are kinda long...but there are some beautiful concepts here...

Courtesy of Hi + Lo

AWESOME font movie!!

A little treat I found at a yard sale this morning


Brian Wilson at the Hollywood Bowl

So, Causecast lucked out and got some tickets to see none other than legend Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday. We knew that the seats would be good...but when we were led to FRONT ROW, CENTER we all basically had small heart attacks. We danced the night away to classics like God Only Knows, Sloop John B and I Get Around. He also played some tracks from his new album. It was absolutely amazing. Probably the best concert I've ever been to.

Oh, what's up, Brian Wilson. Seriously, I was sitting at his feet.

Part of the awesome 10 person band Brian had backing him up--and behind them was the LA Phil!

More Brian Wilson lovelieness.

The delicious (free!!) food we enjoyed.

Kate, Sloane, Dave, Bobby, Levi and I!


OMG--oh my goat! My adventures with a goat.

So long story short...we shot a viral video for the causecast website
last night, in which I danced around wearing a jack in the box-esque
giant head and held a goat. Video link to come :)