The weekend thus far.

Let's see, Thursday was utter chaos and craziness (see below entry).
Friday night, Ally and I were supposed to go see Tyrone Wells at the Hotel Cafe (a venue I have wanted to go to FOREVER) but because of the previous night's shenanigans, (unbloggable) we realized we were way too tired. So we grabbed a delicious dinner at Le Pain quotidien, a great French cafe in Santa Monica and pretended to have a business meeting there in order to use their wireless. In reality, we would just say "global business venture" whenever to waiter came to sound legit.
We spent the rest of the night watching Batman Begins, with Ally constantly posing the question, "Wait...so tell me again why he's a bat."
Saturday was spent lazing around and napping between Bravo marathons of the amazing, amazing show OC Housewives.

Then Ally and I met up with a great bunch of people to see Clockwork Orange at Hollywood Forever. Ally was miserable with a gnarly head cold and something I ate threw me off, so we left a little before the film ended and had to skip out on Santa Monica's GLOW festival...which I later heard was utterly underwhelming. Too bad, it had such potential.

Sunday morning was the farmers market in Santa Monica with Ally and Erik, lunch at good old Cafe Milan, and now I sit at Tanner's coffee in Playa blogging and learning Spanish on an AMAZING website called livemocha.com. I'm also watching a father and son sitting at the same table, video chatting each other. Precious.
And tonight is Feist at Hollywood Bowl, with lots of fresh fruits from the farmers market...as well as a steamed artichoke. Holla!

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  1. You forgot to mention you threw up on someone's grave, but other than that it was a very thorough blog.