My adventure in the Sierra Nevadas.


Ojos Locos (his real name)

Comfy cozy puppy.

OH MY GOD. Ok, this is the suspension bridge I had to cross over to get to the cabin. When we arrived, it was pitch black and pouring rain. I had Ojos on a leash and he pulled me across that bridge and I thought I was going to fall to my death. It was awful. That bridge swayed and gave me such intense vertigo. I hate that bridge.

The super-creepy loft where my bed was. I was convinced it was haunted, so I slept on the living room floor.

Felix! A little friend that surprised me outside an antique shop.

Hot mountain bikers. Everywhere.

Haha, The Wooden Trout.

Naturally, aunt and uncle take me to wander through a creepy cemetary.


The town bar.

It was beautiful the last day...but I still ran down this trail, convinced I was going to get eaten by a bear.

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  1. B-Math,
    its B-Engh. I was checkin' out Woohaw!'s doodle blog (as one often should), and I saw the link to your blog and couldn't help but check it out. It's good to see you're having lots of adventures and taking lots of pictures. Don't stop. I forbid it. Also it's nice to see a blog written as nicely as yours. Your love of language manifests deliciously!
    Here's where I put adventure(!) pictures sometimes:
    okie dokey, have a good day.