We are broken.

My friend Charlie recently brought up a pretty great comparison between LA and New York. I won't say it here as eloquently as he phrased it, but essentially:

New Yorkers are like, "Look at us. We're great! We're put-together! We're professional! We've got our shit on lock."

In LA, people admit, "We are broken. This is a city of broken people. There are terrible things here: gangs, drugs, violence, immigration issues, a ridiculous divide between the wealthy/powerful and the utterly poor. We are sad and we've been through shit and back again. But life is too great to not live it out. We're going to try, damnit. And maybe everything will not work out, but we've tried."

Charlie was mainly referring to the attitudes of the Christian communities in the two cities, but I see these attitudes reflected everywhere, everyday, in everyone.

This description makes me love LA a million times more than the million times I already loved it.


  1. I always thought I wouldn't want to return to LA, but when I think of home from down here I think of that city. What did it do to me? Maybe we'll share an apartment again someday, Bern. See you soon...

  2. Whatever happened to that girl who kept saying she wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest ASAP?