I'm pretty stoked on the next few weeks.

Wednesday Ally and I are headed to Palm Springs for some quality time in the scorching desert heat with her family. Hopefully we will re-visit the dinosaurs Lana and I saw there years ago:

Then my dear Beth comes back to LA on Friday to visit.
And we're going to love life and probably hit up the giant rave downtown and visit Catie B. before she leaves for Baltimore for a very long time :/

Sunday Ally and I are going to take our friends' engagement pictures. Pretty excited for that and renting some great lenses to try some new techniques for them.

AND THEN ... next Tuesday I fly to Seattle to see my aunt/cousin and then head down to Portland to visit my dear friends Jenny and Kara before they both leave Portland. Hood River, OR for Fourth of July and then head back up to Seattle to hopefully visit some friends (Jenn Lindsay, I'm looking at you).

Oh, and then, I'll just work on figuring out where the next year is going to take me. I'm starting to look at some time in Europe .... ahhh!

And I'm taking a class at SMC, Political Philosophy, so I'm excited to be learning and not a total waste to society.

Oh, and I just spilled coffee into my laptop's speakers. So there's that.

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  1. my favourite thing about this post was the spilled coffee. but that's just me.

    p.s. i'm excited for your upcoming adventures too.