My grandma died today. It's kinda hard to study :(

I didn't know her (physically) - she lived in Poland my whole life and I only met her once when I was a baby. But my mom diligently sent her money my whole life, talked to her on the phone several times a week, and constantly talked to me about her. I called her Babcia, Polish for grandma. I knew a couple phrases in Polish and would embarrassingly say them to her on the phone when forced to by my mom.

What I did know is that she was a woman of extraordinary faith - a woman who saw her husband and two sons die before her and still have strong faith that God was watching out over her family. Every time I've talked on the phone with my mom in Michigan, she always mentions that "Babcia is praying for you" - whether it be for a job, for my grades, for a husband (!) or for general good favor, my mom told Babcia everything about me.

I just feel awful that I can't be there for my mom, who is now "the only one left" of her immediate family. But my dad is out of work for her, and I know he will be there to comfort her in the coming time.

It just sucks.

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  1. oh..gosh. i am so sorry to hear that. sounds like she was an incredible woman...

    hang in there.