Last day of orientation: I'm official.

Day 4: 9/25/09

How AmeriCorps found 400 individuals crazy enough to profess an ultra-patriotic oath, swearing themselves to a year of service and a year of poverty, I’ll never know. Buncha hippies.

Here's the sea of luggage after we all checked out of our rooms but were not allowed to leave for 5 more hours:

And here are some shots of the hotel:

And this is the shadow of my former self in the taxi back to LAX: (bahahah)

Today is catchup day: e-mails, freelance design, and canceling anything excessive that costs me money for the next year (i.e. health insurance). But not Netflix.

I got my first work e-mail, which tells me, essentially: "Get ready because on Tuesday we are planning the curriculum for the tutoring program for the whole year and you are facilitating." AGH! Stoked :)


  1. i see you too have boosted the quality of your blog content. very impressive.

  2. Not sure if the invite was intentional or automatic...but I'm happy to read your thoughts on life...I love your sense of humor...your honest insight...and just a reminder of your kind spirit. Maybe I'll try this blogging thing sometime!?! In the meantime...peace and love!
    p.s. sorry to read about your Babcia...i can't remember if I heard about that at the time. But it made me remember my own Babci...thank God for old polish ladies!