Morning Inspiration.

Jo liked being rained on when she was bathing in the sea, and she liked apples in autumn, with cinammon.
Jo didn't like detergent ads in TV and and people who paused for laughter after a funny remark.
Jo enjoyed staying at home on the first day of sales, and drying her hair with a plush towel.
Jo didn't approve of little old ladies sneaking through queues, neither did she approve of people who didn't tip her when she served coffee with a big smile.

She just had this feeling. It was more than a feeling, it was a sense of certainety. She knew today was going to be one of the best days of her life. She could smell the spring, the sun felt insistent from the other side of the window. She looked around her once more, before stepping outside. Swelling with happiness, she played Rodrigo and Gabriela louder on the iPod. She was almost bouncing down the street. Whatever was about to happen, she didn't know. But she knew it was good. She loved the world, and the world loved her.

"Jo" and "Stella" digital prints from Nosideup (found via Darling Dexter).

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