The littles.

Here's to the little things. I'm trying to write more about them.

Last night I stopped at Home Depot for a few things, and ran into Alina and Anthony in the greenhouse, picking up some plants for their home. This is why I love LA. It feels like a small town so very often!

Then it was off to Tanner's coffee for some quality time with Ally and she penned a love-mail to her Vegas love interest.

Then to Silverlake for dinner with Janelle at Umami Burger - highly recommend. Great food. Poor wait service. But she and I talked and talked until I was so very sleepy and needed to come home. Unfortunately, due to my sleepiness, we did not get to watch the September Issue, which was the plan.

Today, the boy gave me a lobster keychain. I do love lobsters.

Photo: "Before we begin" by Christopher Jonassen, via Design is Mine.

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