And it is decided.

Heavens to Betsy, yesterday was the perfect day of unemployment. Gym, beach, Chipotle, watched Mad Men, nap, three beers and a night on the town with Charlie. Well, I better live it up while I can ... because it's all going to be over soon. (Note my greatest achievement of the past three months: my epic tan lines from time at the beach).

That's right, I officially have a purpose in life after three months of being a drain on society. For the next year, I will be a volunteer with Americorps VISTA, working in South LA with the LA County Community Development Commission. There's still SO much I need to learn, but essentially, I will be working with the residents of low-income housing to better assess their needs - say the seniors need a better food program or want to start a gardening club. I will also be in charge of all the volunteers that help with the programs, so I will be visiting colleges like UCLA, USC and LMU pretty frequently to make presentations and get student volunteers.

And, a really exciting part of all this is that I will be living at Ascension Catholic Church and School (right near the 105/110 interchange) in an old convent (!) that was renovated to house 11 volunteers from different programs. So I will be living in an undoubtedly amazing community.

I'm really excited about this next year. For one, it will be a great experience before graduate school (which I honestly get more excited for each time I think about) and will help direct me with exactly what I want to pursue when getting my MSW. I'm sure it's going to be a challenging year - emotionally, mentally, fiscally (living in LA on about $500/month!). But I'm totally excited :)


  1. dude this sounds very cool.i'm glad you put a link to your blog on FB. - good luck and have fun!

  2. awesome bernadette! i am so very happy for you :)

  3. Sounds exciting! The experience you describe and an MSW plus a some law and you should be set for quite an adventure. You might want to look at programs that provide non profit leadership programs. Check out Bryn Mawr College's program for MSSLSP and the Non profit leadership program for some ideas for you to pursue in CA. Best wishes. I am in awe! Great to be young! Peace, Ruth, I think I am your 2nd cousin, but i am a fan!

  4. I am so proud of you - for your new job and other prospects. But I'm most proud of your tan lines.