Three things I'm scared of at the moment

1. Becoming "better than you" - I already feel a small twinge of this sentiment when I explain what I am doing this next year. "What do you do?" "Oh, I'm spending this next year volunteering in South LA in low-income housing." Appreciative murmurs commence.

2. Becoming downtrodden by what I see. (Listen to this song)

3. Not becoming downtrodden by what I see, i.e. working mainly in the office and not getting to know the names/faces/stories of the community.


  1. When people murmur appreciatively, I think they really mean it. And I don't think they're thinking "who does this girl think she is, doing something good with her life...pfff." I also think it'll be so up and down that you'll get a taste of every emotion you never knew existed, so have fun with that. What a way to be alive! I'm so happy for you!

  2. here here.

    so good that you're identifying these things. huge.